Jumping Ahead

Okay, boys and girls.  It’s official.  The link between energy and matter has been made.  The powers that be in the quantum science world are finally satisfied that the Higgs Bosun is a reality.

The Nobel Prize in Physics 2013 was awarded jointly to François Englert and Peter W. Higgs “for the theoretical discovery of a mechanism that contributes to our understanding of the origin of mass of subatomic particles, and which recently was confirmed through the discovery of the predicted fundamental particle, by the ATLAS and CMS experiments at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider”

So, in plain English, what does that mean to you and me?   For one thing it means that because we have “mass” the thing we call “me” started as energy and most likely all energy is derived from that thing called “light”.   Yep, we are each, literally creatures of the light and respond and react to it as a matter of nature.  Current medical science confirms that point.

Now here is where we begin to step into virgin territory, into the realm of speculation based not totally upon the science we presently rely on, but rather on the power of that science in the light of empirical logic.   So let’s take what we know and do a little speculating.

Energy starts as light.  Energy creates mass.  Mass begets matter.  The human mind is matter.  All this we know.  Is it so far-fetched then, to think that the human mind (and therefor human thoughts) cannot respond in many different ways to light energy?   If the general theory of relativity is correct, then at the speed of light, there is no such thing as time.

Past, present, and future are simultaneous.  If that’s true, then why couldn’t the human mind be ultimately capable of seeing into the past and the future as well as the present?  There are those few today and in the past who have claimed to have that ability, albiet on a more or less limited basis.   Psychics (real ones, not the phonies) and remote viewers, (look it up on Google — it’s real) have the ability to some extent.   My speculation is that their right brain is more highly developed than most and eventually, in the long term scheme of human evolution, everyone will have this ability.

But, at this point in time, can we somehow trick our right brain into discerning future events?  Probably.  It’s called premonition, and the milder version of it is called intuition, and there’s more to it than you might realize.  Medical research scientists have been studying the phenomenon vigorously.  If there is substance to the theory, then the smart move is to use it to your best advantage, even if no one really knows exactly how it works yet.  As this is a lottery science blog, the obvious direction is to use this possible knowledge to make some $$$ from the lottery that perhaps you couldn’t make without it.

Check out www.bio-pick.com for an interesting gadget that uses biofeedback to try to enhance the right brain power of intuition.  Are you a gambler, or do you know someone who plays the lottery, and would love to have the help of this gadget?  Could there really be something to this?  Obviously I believe there is, but in the end, it’s up to you to decide.

How Science Can Give You a Real Advantage to Win Lottery Prizes

“You make your own luck.”         – Thomas Jefferson


A new, scientifically developed device is changing the way people play lotteries and making the experience both fun and rewarding.

It’s called “Bio-Pick,” and it uses science (very similar to polygraph lie-detector technology) to help players pick numbers that are more fun and more personal than “quick-pick,” and yet still provides the best possible mathematical chance of matching numbers and winning lottery prizes.

Bio-Pick is a hand-held device, about the size of a smartphone, with built-in biosensors that measure your body’s electro-chemical energy and enables your personal intuition to help you pick lottery numbers.  Bio-Pick retails for only $19.95, and usually pays for itself the first few times it’s used (remember, there are hundreds of thousands of lottery prizes that are nice to win in addition to “the big one”).

It makes a great gift as well, and comes loaded with all lotteries in North America. With its USB port, Bio-Pick is easily updated for free via the Internet whenever a lottery changes or whenever lotteries from other parts of the world are made available.

You can order your own Bio-Pick, or send Bio-Pick as a gift, from either the company’s website (www.bio-pick.com) or from Amazon.com.

If you’re interested in more details about the amazing Bio-Pick, please visit: www.bio-pick.com.

Bio-Pick:  When You’re Ready to Get Serious About Winning


“Luck is tenacity of purpose.”  – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Researchers Target the Mind’s Eye to Get Closer to Luck

      Have you noticed that your first thoughts are often the best?  How about those “gut” feelings that almost always lead you in the right direction?  We all have them.  But most of us aren’t very good at listening to them. 
      Researchers have studied this phenomenon since the late 1800’s and the results have always been both baffling and exciting.  Recently, however, medical and scientific knowledge of the workings of the human brain have been bolstered by improved research, examination, measurement, and learning tools.  With the advent of computers and digital signal processing techniques, scientists are more comprehensively equipped to explore the human brain than ever before. 
      Researchers have known for a long time that the human brain radiates electro-magnetic energy, but today’s researchers can now detect and process the measurements of that energy in real time.  Never before was this type of capability available.  Today, doctors can “see” parts of the brain light up on the computer screen in response to stress, pleasure, pain, anger, and a host of other conditions.
      Medical science has gotten much better at mapping the regions of the brain responsible for both our normal and indeed some of our more unusual abilities.  While most medical researchers are using these tools to improve the ways we diagnose and treat diseases, some researchers are also using the same tools to try to shed light on how some of our lesser understood human abilities are actually accomplished.  For the past several decades, researchers have been able to empirically show the existence of such human abilities as Premonition, Intuition, Telepathy, and Remote Viewing; but with newly developed tools and methods, they are now also beginning to answer and more clearly characterize these abilities, and support the existing evidence that we can use our brains in ways never before fully understood or expected.
      The research engineers at R&G Specialty Products have been recently investigating the elusive phenomenon we call Intuition, the “6th sense,” or, as many refer to it, our “Mind’s Eye.”  They hope to be able to prove a correlation (or lack thereof) between Intuition and that even more elusive quality we all experience and refer to as Luck. To that end, they have developed tools to help in that study and have launched a product called “Bio-Pick,” which measures electro-chemical changes from a person’s body and links that to the same person’s intuition as they choose numbers to play in a variety of lottery games.  
      According to Jim Romano, one of R&G’s senior research engineers, “We know the area of the right hemisphere of the brain that is associated with direct sensory input.  We also know a little about how that part of the brain produces and distributes chemicals to the body to regulate and stimulate the body to react to any given sensory input.  We also know that this chemical change is measurable by today’s electronics (using polygraph lie detector technology, for example), so we have produced this equipment to see whether we can use this sensory chemical change to our advantage.” 
      Although the mechanics of Intuition still go much deeper than we are presently able to comprehend, making use of what we already know is a good first step toward unlocking more definitive answers. R&G’s “Bio-Pick” is one of those first steps toward getting closer to understanding and capitalizing on Intuition.  The Bio-Pick device offers a way to help remove logical thinking from the equation, and allows subconscious, Intuitive input to have more bearing on decisions and outcomes. Empirical evidence, even on this small scale shows promise. 
      Because lotteries provide random, if not irrational, combinations of numbers as the winning numbers, they provide a perfect venue to test R&G’s theories about accessing Intuition to pick numbers to play.  Ultimately, R&G would like as large a sampling of players as possible to use the Bio-Pick to pick numbers, and provide feedback on their resulting wins so that fine tuning to the device can be made and the efficacy of the theory can be better assessed. Bio-Pick, like “Quick-Pick” which is responsible for 70% – 80% of lottery wins, provides random number combinations.  But Bio-Pick enables the random generation of numbers to be influenced by personal Intuition.
      Statistically speaking, Bio-Pick, at the very least, provides the same “Odds” and “Expected Value” as Quick-Pick, meaning Bio-Pick odds are still statistically as good as it gets!  However, if the R&G theory is correct, then Bio-Pick coupled with Intuition might be the first device ever to offer a true competitive advantage.
      Any good gambler will tell you that, all else being equal, if there is even a small chance of increasing odds of winning, then that’s the best play to make.  R&G is doing it for the science.  And they’re hoping numerous lottery players will want to participate for the money they could win.  Will you join them?

For more information, visit:  http://www.bio-pick.com

Reference:  http://wexler.free.fr/library/files/lachaux%20%282003%29%20intracranial%20eeg%20and%20human%20brain%20mapping.pdf

Lottery Odds and Random Chance

I often get the question whether or not a player can improve his or her “odds” of winning.  Even though the laws of probability tell us that any set of numbers has an equal chance of being drawn as any other, the answer to the above question is still an unequivocal “Yes!”  We can easily improve our odds of winning, and it’s really quite simple: buy more tickets!   The more tickets you buy, the higher your chances or “odds” of winning.  But, other than that, there is no magic — at least none that we know of.

Now, this is not to say that we know everything there is to know about how our world really works.  Any magic, if there is such a thing, isn’t going to come from bending the laws of probability. Those laws are pretty well cast in stone.  Watch out for lottery schemes that say otherwise. Ask them whether they’re winning with their methods (and, if so, then also ask them why are they so willing to share their “secret” and not out there simply investing in winning, themselves!).  Surely, if any “magic” is to be found, it will not be because the scientific community has “cracked the code” on the laws of probability.  Rather, anything we would consider magic will actually be explainable through science, and found within the discoveries of how our universe works.

I, for one, am becoming convinced that as the sciences of cosmology, quantum physics, and other similar disciplines, who are engaged in the study of how our universe works, peel away the mysteries and replace theories with facts, so too will our understanding of what “random events” really are about and how they really work.  Once we know that, then you had better cash in quick because lotteries will very quickly become a thing of the past.

But rest easy, that’s not likely to happen this week, or even this year.  In the meanwhile, there is at least one newly developed device, based on science, that might help you win more – and it does so without trying to alter the laws of probability.  Rather, it embraces those laws in an “outside the box” kind of way, relying on both biological measurements and personal intuition to help players pick lottery numbers.  The device is called “Bio-Pick” and it works on principles studied intensely since the mid 1960s by government intelligence agencies in both theU.S.and the formerSoviet Union.  Now declassified, we learn that experiments in Remote Perception and ESP were amazingly successful on both sides of the “Iron Curtain”.  Continued studies by respected organizations likeCambridgeUniversityin theU.K., and Stanford Research Institute and NASA in theU.S., are ongoing. This stuff is real and is still being explored by groups all around the globe.  Google search “Russell Targ” to find out more.

Authorities on the subject seem to agree that everyone has built in abilities that go beyond current understanding and full explanation; and in some people, these skills are more highly developed.  So the question remains, can devices like Bio-Pick help the average person bring out these built-in abilities and perhaps somehow help one to discern the winning numbers?  The answer is “Maybe!”  But until science unlocks the secrets of our minds and of our universe, the question remains one that is as yet unanswered.

Still, Bio-Pick is a fun gadget with some interesting possibilities, and it’s certainly inexpensive enough to make it worth while trying.  Unlike the schemers, I actually use the Bio-Pick method I promote; and I win lottery prizes with it, along with many other people who have learned about this new device. See www.Bio-Pick.com for more information.

Winning Lottery Numbers Generated with Science

New Bio-Pick Device Helps Players Use Science to Pick Personal Numbers

R & G Specialty Products announced that increased sales and distribution of their newly developed lottery number picking device, Bio-Pick, have resulted in more players nationwide using Bio-Pick’s superior technology.  Bio-Pick, which helps players select lottery numbers based on biological input, uses technology similar to polygraph lie-detector technology, resulting in lottery numbers to play that are intuitive and uniquely personal.  Bio-Pick’s technology gives its players an advantage over players using “quick-pick” random numbers and players using numbers that are sentimental, such as anniversary dates, birthdays, and popular jersey numbers.

Bio-Pick, a hand-held device about the same size as a smart phone, has built-in bio-sensors and is programmed to support all lotteries in North America.  With its USB port, is easily updated for free via the Internet to play any lottery in the world, as well as to add new and changing lotteries as they are introduced.  Bio-Pick sells and ships for only $19.95 (shipping is currently free of charge), and can be ordered online from either Amazon.com (amzn.to/sn1C9I), or from the Bio-Pick website (www.bio-pick.com)

“Quick-pick may be convenient, but anyone looking for an equally quick and easy, yet superior and more fun, way to pick numbers should consider ordering a Bio-Pick,” said R & G Specialty Products spokesperson, Marc Abshire.  “We’ve kept the price low and, in fact, we’ve had users tell us it paid for itself in winnings the very first time they used it.  With Bio-Pick, the numbers you play are based on your body’s bio-chemistry as well as your personal intuition.  Nobody can guarantee winning, but Bio-Pick does provide a mathematically superior method to sentimental numbers and many advantages over random numbers. It’s understandable why so many players settle for the random numbers they get from quick-pick, but you have to ask them, ‘How’s that been working for you?’”

Thousands of lottery prizes are awarded daily and Bio-Pick users have already begun claiming many of them.  The hand-held device also supports Quick Draw, Keno, and Dice games.  For more information, please visit the Bio-Pick website at www.bio-pick.com.